At Southsea Saint Bernards we put emphasis on Type, Temperament, Soundness and ETHICS.

Weight Pull

We stumbled across weight pulling quite by accident. We were away doing a 2 day camping dog show when we had "Maverick" (SOUTHSEA LACH VEGAS) tethered to our trailer which weighed 300kg. I was walking towards him with a cup of coffee and just sung out "Mav" and he lurched forward to greet me and pulled the trailer after him. We were stunned!! I always thought weight pulling was cruel but as you can see, he loves it. Maverick is a rather tall boy at just 2 years old (32.5 inches at withers). His harness is made from seat belt webbing and is covered in foam padding which then has none other than St. Bernard material sewn to it. My husband, Scott made the trailer - he modified our ride-on lawn mower trailer. Maverick is proudly weight pulling his 10 year old grand-mother around the back yard. Kerryn (CH. SEAFERN BEST WISHES) is sitting on a soft padded foam mattress covered in St. Bernard material.